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SN5703R - LED Flare Track Light
LED Track Lighting / LED Track Lighting


SN5703R - LED Flare Track Light: The unique and uncompromising Flare track light series is the ideal lighting solution for the most demanding environments. Featuring a proprietary Focus Control mechanism, with the added flexibility of a modular track system, the SN5703R is capable of most illumination requirements.

SeerLED SN5703R - Flare Track Light
  • T6061 Billet Aluminium chassis
  • CNC Construction
  • Internal driver
  • Impact resistant opaque lens
  • No UV or IR emission
  • Low heat emissions
  • Genuine Luxeon Rebel LED
  • Focus Control System

Tech Data
LED Colour Options: Cool White(CW) - Neutral White(NW) - Warm White(WW)
LED Qty:
LED Type:
Luxeon Rebel
Luxeon Rebel
Luxeon Rebel
LED Power:
System Power:
Colour Temp:
5600 - 6300k
3700 - 4300k
2800 - 3300k 
Lumens Output: 240 Lumens 210 Lumens 135 Lumens
Ra > 70
Ra > 70
Ra > 85
Beam Angle:
15° - 45°
15° - 45°
15° - 45°
Rated Voltage: AC100v - 240v (Driver Included)
Rated Current: 38mA @ 230v
Power Efficiency: 91%
Working Temp: -20° - +50°C
IP Grade: IP20
Projected Product Life 40-50,000 Hrs*
Housing Colour:

Silver / Natural

Matte Black

Replacement Driver: Brand
Model Type

* Projected Product Life is based on operation at ambient temperature of 25°C

Questions & Answers

Q: I have a C-Bus automation system, can I use the C-Bus system to dim this light?

A: No. This track light system is not designed for such an application.

Q: How many light fittings can I use per section of track?

A: We suggest you limit where possible to 3 light fittings per section of track. This is to ensure that all the fittings receive the required voltage input to work correctly. In some cases where power supply is of poor quality we have found some issues have occurred when more than the lights per section have been used.

Q: Can I mix the types of lights on each track section?

A: Where possible it is not advised to do such a thing as each light fitting operates under different parameters that might interfere with each other.




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